Nurme brewery's crowdfunding campaign has successfuly finished! Thanks to our amazing 627 supporters, we were able to raise 47 837 EUR which will allow us to start our own brewery in Riga. Thank you so much!


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NURME team: Uģis, Mareks, Linda, Monta (not pictured is our data guru Raimonds, currency living abroad)

Photo by Alise Pabērza


The reality is that we do not have our own brewery - yet. It means that for almost 4 years we have been brewing NURME beers in other breweries, counting on their spare capacity and equipment (and friendliness). While it has been a very valuable experience in more than 10 different breweries both in Latvia and abroad, we also encountered its downside. By operating in this model, we rather often find ourselves in the situation where we can't supply the growing demand and run out of beer - yes, this applies even to our beloved NURME bar, which we established in Riga a year and a half ago. Our own brewery would significantly raise our possibilities, allowing us to brew the necessary quantities and broader range of beer varieties, and grow faster and more efficiently.

To make our plans a reality, we humbly ask for your support!

Already on September 15th we will start a crowdfunding campaign, which means that you can directly help us reach our goal - establish NURME brewery in Riga. In exchange for your support we will give you compelling rewards (and ship them to all of Europe!).

All of the funds gathered will be put towards the equipment for NURME brewery - the more we will be able to gather, the more we will be able to accomplish. We will let you know about our goals and all the details in the upcoming weeks - please subscribe to our mailing list if you do not want to miss the news on the campaign and the best early bird offers from us.


We have already found the perfect home for our brewery. It is a historical industrial brick building, built in 1900, and located in Riga’s Avoti neighbourhood, on Vagonu street 19/21. The area is very close to Riga center, so - easy to reach by walking, public transport, bike or car -, however it still is a bit untamed, which we love.

We want to be open to everyone, even those who say they do not like beer at all. We believe that everyone can find a taste they love. And we are ready to talk, show, taste, learn and explore together during workshops and tours. Also each visitor will be able to observe the brewery's day to day life through a large window.

Right next to the brewery we will open a cozy NURME taproom, which will showcase a variety of our beers - both staples and experiments - to enjoy on spot or bring with you.

Our vision is to create something more than just a facility for making beer.We want our new brewery and taproom to blend into the neighborhood, and inspire other creative individuals and businesses to join us. Together we can create a new destination in Riga - a place for socializing and sharing, rich with events, music, delicious food and great beer. Beer culture in Riga is growing, and we truly believe our new place could become a sort of a haven for both locals and tourists alike. The collaboration for us has always been an important part, and we will use our new facility to collaborate even more - not just with other breweries, but also with cooks, artists, film makers, musicians etc.


Currently an ordinary rooftop will turn into a cozy roof terrace in future.

Photo: Alise Pabērza


We are ready to put all our energy and resources into making this project happen, however we can’t make it on our own. That’s why we have decided to take up some risk and start a crowdfunding campaign  - somehow we believe that a small but dedicated brewery can raise its start capital with the help from supporters, even if no brewery from Latvia has tried it before (yes, we will be sort of the test rabbits!). Establishing a brewery can cost several thousand euros. We ask for just a fraction of that, however each single supporter will help us raise our bar of possibilities a little bit further. The power lies in doing it together.

To each and everyone who will contribute and help us fund this project, we have prepared great rewards - we will tell you about them in detail very shortly. We want you to know that by supporting us you will directly help establish NURME brewery and taproom, and also a new cultural and entertainment spot in Riga.